Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Glitter Linky

If not now....it won't happen.  My blog is up and running and I'm blogging again.  Please comment if you want me to blog and show activities of particular projects/products/lessons/etc.... If I don't have it....I will make it!

Today I'm Linking up with Global Glitter Tribe .  

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Stephanie Ann's Glitter Answers

Have a great "hump day" tomorrow!

Monday, May 11, 2015

50% Off BUNDLED CVC Word Work Activity Cards for Markdown Monday Linky Party

Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations are hosting a great linky party & who can resist a party....

Click the above picture to add your link to Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations to join the linky fun!
The Rules:  Link a product from your TpT store that you would like to markdown until Friday, May 15th.
How much you markdown your product is up to you! They would love it if you displayed your product on your blog and then linked back to them. 
If you aren't selling, but looking for great bargains, please check out the fabulous discounted products in the linky party!  Well....I'm off to go shopping, but I thought I'd tell you what I've discounted this week.

This product will be offered in my TpT Store at 50% Off until Friday, May 15th at Midnight!  Just click the picture below to check out the discounted product at my store.  These are a FAVORITE of my students and their are 448 cards so there are PLENTY to go around.  I hope you take advantage of this offer and enjoy....because this product is truly a prize!
Happy Monday!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Superbowl Sale & Special FREEBIES TOMORROW....if the HAWKS Win!

Here's to my new blogging debut (I've been a terrible blogger lately....but I'm back....so get ready for a lot of ideas, freebies, giveaways, etc...). I have some new and fun ideas to implement on this blog...so come around often and tell your friends!
To kick off (no pun intended) my new and improved blog, I'm having a Superbowl Sale in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store (store's name is Stephanie Ann's TpT store) as well as my Teacher's Notebook Store (store's name is Sparkling in Kindergarten Teacher's Notebook store).  Another perk is that the Teacher's Notebook site is also kicking in their own 10% off using the promo code:  sb2015 .  This means with my 20% off of every item in my store added with the TN promo code....you will save 30%!  Everybody (especially teachers I think) LOVES a sale...so get your shopping clicking fingers ready....and head on over to TpT or TN....and save, save, save!

Stephanie Ann's Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Living in Washington State my entire life and being a daddy's girl when I was young, I have watched football....especially the Seahawks my entire life.  I loved some of the Seahawks greatest legends....Steve Largent, Curt Warner, Jim Zorn...to name just a few.  I had all their newspaper articles taped to my bedroom wall and even wrote letters to Steve Largent and Jim Zorn on a regular basis.  The coolest thing was that they wrote me back, even answering some of my personal questions....no joke! They sent me signed pictures and memorabilia...anything a crushing girl fan could have ever wanted.  I went to a Christian school at the time and questioned them about their beliefs and their love of God just made me "crush" even deeper.
Well...now I'm A LOT older than the crushing teenager, but am still a devout football fan...especially the Hawks of course.  So.....not only am I offering everything in my Teachers Pay Teachers & Teacher's Notebook Stores at a 20% off discount until tomorrow at midnight....

AND....if...and only if the Seahawks win their second Superbowl in a row tomorrow.....I will be offereing some flash freebies of some of my most popular TpT items at different intervals throughout the day....each hour or two....something else will be free...yet only for a very limited amount of time.....BUT...only if they win!

So make sure to come back to my blog, Sparkling in Kindergarten, tomorrow (February 2, 2015) and join in on the fun.  

Have a "SUPER (bowl)" Day!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm Back & Ready to Blog it Up - September Currently - & a FREEBIE

I have taken a little blog hiatus for a couple of months as I've had a lot going on.  I'm actually extremely sad because according to my doctor, I'm not well enough to teach yet and am taking a medical leave of absence until January to get my health back in check.  It's taken a lot of doctor appointments and hospital stays, but she thinks if I "lay low" I should be able to go back in January (but being constantly monitored).  I'm sad because I miss the hustle and bustle of the first few weeks of school and that connection you form with your kiddos; however, this is giving me some time to work on some products I've been wanting to make for a while now and since I have to sit on the couch or lay in bed most days.....this is the perfect time to get caught up.  I'm also creating a blogging schedule so that my blogs aren't so random.  I should have the schedule finished for the month of September by the weekend, so I'll share it with you then.
So while I'm "laid up", if you have an requests you would like me to make for you....I'd be glad to make them for you if you would like.  I've taught kindergarten, second, third, and fourth grades so I'm kind of a "jack of all trades" and am familiar with the CCSS at each grade...so feel free to contact me if you need anything in particular, but don't have the time.  

And now, I'm linking up with the amazing Farley at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for.....

September Currently

Here's the blank version as well so you can create your own.

And.....Remember the Rules of Participating in this linky party which are defined here in this poster.  It really helps us all to get to know people and blogs we might never have known about so definitely follow the rules!  You can click on my September Currently to take you to Farley's site to link up.

Oh my!  I almost forgot my freebie!  I use this as a bathroom checkout for students and it works wonderfully!  It comes in two versions and is editable as well.  I hope you enjoy it!  And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  Click picture or HERE to download.

Where Am I?....Posters in Two Versions & Both Editable
Hope you have a great Thursday and remember....if you need a product done and you just don't have time....I have all the time in the world to help you out!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Upcoming Blogging Schedule and New Bloggy Friend you HAVE to Visit

I'm back and ready to blog!  It has been a rough couple of months (I'll spare you details).  My new bloggy friend from Teach. Train. Love blog  and I are collaborating to come up with a blogging schedule for the upcoming summer and school year.  We're going to include some new weekly linkies and some great teaching ideas, tips, and of course freebies.  You HAVE to check out her blog...she is a complete doll!  I just met her, but I think we hit it off as we both have the same teaching philosophy and she stated it so well on her blog.

This quote is directly from her blog....it just describes how I teach to a T.
I hold true to one simple and definitive idea.  That is, children learn best when they feel good about themselves. Dr. James Comer wrote, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.” Those words are a cornerstone of my teaching.

More about our upcoming blogging schedule to come so you know what you can look forward to!  If you have some ideas and want to join in....we'd love the input....just message or email me.  We thought we'd skype a few times to get some ideas rolling.  I've never skyped actually...just face timed.  Can a group of people use skype at the same time?  There has to be some way we can all get together in this land of technology!

Owl Freebie tomorrow!
Have a great day!

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